Takceram Tile Manufacturing Co. (Public joint stock) has started supplying its products since 1995, simultaneously with leading companies of the industry in Europe, manufactured and supplied to national and international markets flooring and finishing products of construction with capacity of  3 million (sqm) of various granite tiles (salt pepper, soluble salt, sinter grass) and glaze porcelain tiles (opaque glaze, glossy glaze and polish glaze) in various designs and colors in sizes 30x30, 30x90, 40x40, 50x50 and 60x60 with the highest qualities and distinguished properties such as acid resistant, low rates of water absorption, high abrasive strengths, high tension strengths, and good resistant in low and high temperature conditions in accordance with requirements of consumers in conformity with national and international standards keeping pace with the latest developments and achievements of tile and ceramic industry and using the most excellent raw material. Enjoying such background and possessing national medallions and certificates for all its products, Takceram Tile Manufacturing Co. was granted ISO Certificates of management system and quality assurance, and managed to achieve various titles such as “Exemplary Exporter of Country”, “Exemplary Unit Selected by Standard Institute”, “Exemplary Unit of Country’s Industry”. Also Takceram was given an appreciation certificate by honorable President of Republic.